O2 Sensors

The O2 Sensor for the Titan CCR is manufactured by Analytical Industries specifically designed for rebreather diving purposes with Gold plated co-axial SMB connectors that screw in to the Titan CCR Head unit. The manufacturer has agreed to drop ship sensors direct from the factory for us. This insures you will receive fresh and up to date sensors. No more sensors wasting half their life sitting on a shelf, waiting to be purchased.




As well as offering the TITAN sensors we also offer the fallowing sensors, just incase your dive buddy needs some as well. Please allow for three to 5 day processing of the order. If the manufacturer does not have the sensor your looking for on the shelf, they will produce a new batch right away.

PSR-11-39-TDG For the Titan rebreather

PSR-11-39-JJ For the JJ rebreather

PSR-11-39-XD For the SF2 rebreather

PSR-11-39-APD For the APD rebreather

PSR-11-39-REVO For the Revo rebreather

PSR-11-39-MD For the KISS, Innerspace Megalodon, Optima Cochran, Hollis Prism and Poseidon.