Titan CCR


We will no longer be selling the Shearwater version TITANs. We are now integrating and testing the Phoenix proprietary computer system. We will be releasing the new rebreather as soon as  integration and testing is complete.  The new units will be called the “Titan Phoenix Rec” and the “Titan Phoenix Tec.” We are also using this time to develop new products and make updates to other parts in the system.  Please continue to check with us to see what is next in line. Email us if you wish to get a news letter with the announcement of the new Titan Phoenix versions.  If you have an original TITAN CCR, you will be able to upgrade your unit, as the newer parts come online. Bubbleseekers will continue to support and repair all Titans that are currently in the field now. The electronics are the only system that can not be repaired to original system. The only option is to upgrade your electronics package to the new Titan Phoenix package that is coming soon. Check back with us here periodically for updates, we do not have an official release date of the Titan Phoenix CCR at this time.

TITAN to PHOENIX upgrades:

Customers who own an original TITAN will have The opportunity to upgrade to PHOENIX Parts at production cost. This will allow us to service units easier and quicker in the future. Please contact us if you have any questions.